Parking Enforcement

Encourage compliance and automatically detect parking violations

Platform Overview

PLACA.AI’s high-speed license plate scanning allows parking enforcement teams to catch more violations in less time, resulting in efficient management of parking.

Validate parking quickly with high-speed license plate scanning.

Automatic license plate scanning enables parking enforcement teams to catch violators and encourage compliance.

Issue parking tickets digitally with the violation type to reduce workloads for parking enforcement teams.

Review each enforcer’s patrol history and oversee captured violations complete with video footage.

Detect Violations & Secure Lots

Leverage the capabilities of license plate recognition to get a detailed view of the premises, capturing all vehicles and tracking their movement.

Automate Access Control

PLACA.AI supports integration with automatic parking gates, allowing users to prevent unauthorized or unregistered vehicles from entering the premises.

Detect Unregistered Vehicles

Identify unregistered or suspicious vehicles quickly so you can respond before situations escalate.

Record Vehicle Access

The software automatically keeps a record of vehicles and their date and time of access in case future inspection is needed.

Manage Your System with Ease

Using license plate recognition for parking validation automates enforcement, saving you time and resources.

Eliminate Manual Inspections

PLACA.AI automates parking validation by scanning license plates, eliminating the need for enforcement teams to check each vehicle for sticker or paper permits.

Find More Violations in Less Time

The automated inspection process allows enforcement teams to catch more violations in less time, keeping parking open for registered vehicles.

Address Challenges to Citations

The system provides a record of each violation, including images and time stamps which can be valuable in resolving disputes.

Optimize Your Parking Operations

Access real-time data and insightful analytics that empower you to make informed decisions.

Monitor Parking Utilization

Determine areas where parking demand may be higher than supply and require additional spaces, allocating resources efficiently.

Make Policy Adjustments

If certain restrictions consistently lead to a high number of violations, administrators can modify policies for better alignment with community needs.

Revise Patrol Routes

Identify areas and times with a higher likelihood of violations so enforcement teams can be deployed more efficiently, ensuring that personnel are stationed where and when they are most needed.

How it Works

PLACA.AI captures license plates in real-time, allowing users to streamline parking enforcement operations.


*per camera
30 days of data retention
Maximum of 2 cameras per enforcement vehicle

Explore Industry Uses of PLACA.AI

Unlock the capabilities of PLACA.AI and license plate recognition to enhance security, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making across diverse industries.

Residential Areas

Integrate with parking gates to automate entry while ensuring protection from unregistered guests.

Office Buildings

Strengthen physical security with LPR-based access control that provides a convenient entry experience.

School Campuses

Automate permit validation to identify violations quickly and reduce workloads for enforcement teams.

Experience the Power of the Cloud with PLACA.AI

PLACA.AI utilizes the cloud’s powerful processing capabilities to streamline setup, management, and scalability, all while guaranteeing reliable performance.

Simple Management

Connect multiple cameras in various locations to one centralized online platform for easy management.

Plug & Play

PLACA.AI is compatible with any IP camera and you can start recording instantly after connecting to the cloud.

Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud gives you the flexibility to increase your storage capacity without purchasing hardware.

Advanced Recognition

PLACA.AI uses artificial intelligence to detect and recognize license plates more accurately and in less time.

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