Mobile Park & Pay

Mobile Park & Pay

Simplify the payment process for parking customers and encourage compliance

Platform Overview

PLACA.AI’s mobile park & pay system simplifies the payment process for customers and reduces workloads for parking enforcement teams, enabling them to catch more violations in less time.

Validate parking quickly with high-speed license plate scanning.

Automatic license plate scanning enables parking enforcement teams to catch violators and encourage compliance.

Issue parking tickets digitally with the violation type to reduce workloads for parking enforcement teams.

Review each enforcer’s patrol history and oversee captured violations complete with video footage.

Know What's Happening Around Your Property

Leverage the capabilities of license plate recognition to get a detailed view of the premises, capturing all vehicles and tracking their movement.

Detect Unauthorized Vehicles

Find parking violations quickly, including unregistered vehicles that may pose a security threat.

Record Vehicle Access

Keep an automated record of all scanned vehicles in case of incident disputes or security breaches.

Identify Suspects

Associates the parking transaction with the vehicle's license plate which can help identify suspects in the event of an incident.

Manage Your System with Ease

We combine license plate recognition with cloud computing, resulting in a simple platform with advanced features.

Streamline Entry Process

Drivers can enter and exit parking facilities without having to stop at ticketing kiosks to pay, reducing queues and congestion.

Detect Violations Quickly

The automated parking validation allows enforcement teams to find more parking violations in less time, keeping limited spaces open for customers.

Automated Time Tracking

PLACA.AI keeps track of each vehicle's parking duration, eliminating the need for marking and increasing turnover.

Optimize Your Parking Operations

Access real-time data and insightful analytics that empower you to make informed decisions.

Monitor Parking Utilization

Identify peak times and pinpoint specific areas where the demand for parking is highest.

Set Up Dynamic Pricing

Adjust parking rates or time limits based on demand patterns to help optimize the use of parking spaces and reduce congestion during peak times.

Revise Patrol Routes

Identify areas and times with a higher likelihood of violations so enforcement teams can be deployed more efficiently, ensuring that personnel are stationed where and when they are most needed.

How it Works

PLACA.AI captures license plates in real-time, allowing users to simplify enforcement and the payment process for customers.


Visitors register their vehicle and pay for parking through the PLACA.AI mobile app.


Enforcers drive through the lot in vehicles mounted with PLACA.AI-connected cameras.


The cameras scan license plates and notify the enforcer of any violations.


Enforcer can either issue a ticket or submit a towing request for violations.


*No initial payment but will incur a
3% usage fee on each transaction

Explore Industry Uses of PLACA.AI

Unlock the capabilities of PLACA.AI and license plate recognition to enhance security, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making across diverse industries.


Establish custom pricing structures for different lots, including options for overnight parking and hourly rates.

Commercial Parking

Monitor parking duration automatically, keeping limited spaces open for customers and increasing turnover.

School Campuses

Offer visitors a convenient experience by allowing them to register and park without visiting the front office.

Experience the Power of the Cloud with PLACA.AI

PLACA.AI utilizes the cloud’s powerful processing capabilities to streamline setup, management, and scalability, all while guaranteeing reliable performance.

Simple Management

Connect multiple cameras in various locations to one centralized online platform for easy management.

Plug & Play

PLACA.AI is compatible with any IP camera and you can start recording instantly after connecting to the cloud.

Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud gives you the flexibility to increase your storage capacity without purchasing hardware.

Advanced Recognition

PLACA.AI uses artificial intelligence to detect and recognize license plates more accurately and in less time.

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