Valet Parking System

Valet Parking System

Simplify valet parking operations and provide a seamless, convenient experience for customers

Platform Overview

PLACA.AI captures license plates in real-time, allowing users to monitor and record every vehicle on the premises. The high-speed scanning provides instant security alerts and automatically maintains a vehicle log, accelerating the resolution of any incidents or investigations.

See who is accessing your parking lot from a convenient dashboard that updates in real-time with each scanned plate.

Locate vehicles of interest quickly in the database using plate numbers, vehicle make, model, or color.

Playback video footage of scanned vehicles to gain more context about how events and incidents unfolded.

Flag vehicles of interest and receive alerts each time they’re detected on the premises.

Know What's Happening Around Your Property

Leverage the capabilities of license plate recognition to get a detailed view of the premises, capturing all vehicles and tracking their movement.

Prevent Unauthorized Vehicles

Ensures that only authorized vehicles are accepted into the valet parking area, preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering the facility.

Record Vehicles & Transactions

When customers pay for valet parking, their payment information is associated with their vehicle license plate, allowing operators to identify suspects in case of incidents.

Detect Problematic Customers

Operators can flag vehicles of customers that have caused issues in the past, preventing them from entering.

Manage Your System with Ease

We combine license plate recognition with cloud computing, resulting in a simple platform with advanced features.

Minimize Errors

Automates the identification of vehicles, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual identification and the likelihood of handing the wrong vehicle to customers.

Streamline Check-In Process

Eliminates the need to issue tickets or write down information; customers can drop off their vehicle and pay through the mobile app. They can even register in advance.

Reduce Waiting Times

Customers can request their vehicle through the app instead of presenting a ticket, reducing queues and waiting times.

Optimize Your Parking Operations

Access real-time data and insightful analytics that empower you to make informed decisions.

Identify Peak Times

Gain insights into peak hours, days, and seasons, allowing operators to allocate employees efficiently to handle demand.

Analyze Valet Performance

Monitor overall valet performance, leading to more effective operational strategies and improvements.

Tailor Services to Customers

Valet operators can keep profiles of customers and their preferences so they can tailor their services.

How it Works

PLACA.AI captures license plates in real-time, allowing valet operators to accelerate vehicle retrieval and offer customers a convenient experience.


The PLACA.AI-connected camera scans the license plate upon arrival at valet area.


Guests pay for parking through the PLACA.AI mobile app after dropping off vehicle.


When the guest is ready to leave, they request their vehicle through the app.


The valet operator receives a notification of the request and retrieves the vehicle.


*No initial payment but will incur a
3% usage fee on each transaction

Explore Industry Uses of PLACA.AI

Unlock the capabilities of PLACA.AI and license plate recognition to enhance security, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making across diverse industries.


Provide an extra layer of security and safety for residents by recording vehicles and tracking movement.


Capture vehicle information of shoplifters and gain a better understanding of customer behavior.

Event Venues

Receive alerts of potential intruders after hours and resolve incident disputes quickly with vehicle records.

Experience the Power of the Cloud with PLACA.AI

PLACA.AI utilizes the cloud’s powerful processing capabilities to streamline setup, management, and scalability, all while guaranteeing reliable performance.

Simple Management

Connect multiple cameras in various locations to one centralized online platform for easy management.

Plug & Play

PLACA.AI is compatible with any IP camera and you can start recording instantly after connecting to the cloud.

Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud gives you the flexibility to increase your storage capacity without purchasing hardware.

Advanced Recognition

PLACA.AI uses artificial intelligence to detect and recognize license plates more accurately and in less time.

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