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The dashboard is the main page that appears after logging into your account. Even though the dashboard does not hold much for the user to interact with, it shows a summary of details about your account. The dashboard is different for all the roles.

The top half of the dashboard will show:

  • Status of the camera(s)
  • The last plate that was scanned
  • Summary of plates scanned within the last week and the current week
  • Number of plates scanned overall
  • Number of properties on the account
  • Number of devices on the account

The bottom half of the dashboard shows a more detailed overview of:

  • Tenants: number of tenants on each property
  • Users: number of users on each property
  • Active Permits: number of permits on each property
  • Violations: number of violations on each property
  • Active Tow: number of tows on each property
  • Completed Tow: number of completed tows on each property
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